Burning Angel - Sex Cult: Act 2 - Katrina Jade, Small Hands

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Description: Wearing a black bikini under sexy fishnets, Katrina Jade is in the ceremonial sex dungeon. From behind the bars of a cage she dances seductively, showing off her insane body. A woman like Katrina won't stay caged for long though, and when she busts out, Small Hands joins her. At Katrina's request, he binds her hands. Katrina can't move at all, and that's just the way she wants it. Small Hands squeezes and slaps her tits, rubbing her pierced little clit as she writhes with pleasure. He buries his face in her pussy, slipping his tongue inside her wet snatch before unclipping her bindings and pulling out his cock. Katrina eagerly puts her mouth around it, bobbing her head like the good little cock-sucker she is. Katrina gets on all fours and Small Hands whips her juicy ass as she squeals gratefully. Now that she's nice and ready, Small Hands slides his cock inside her. Just another naughty night at the sex cult...
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