Mommy's Girl - Mastur-Baiting Mommy - Emma Hix, Dee Williams

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Description: Emma Hix tiptoes into the living room, looking around cautiously. She opens her laptop and lays it on the coffee table in front of the couch. Her eyes are bright as she types on it. Ooooh, now THIS is a hot scene...she won't be able to resist THIS, Emma says to herself with lusty delight. She clicks on a key and we can hear that a Girlsway porn scene is playing as loud sex sounds issue forth from the laptop. From the hall, off-screen, we hear her stepmom Dee Williams call: 'Honey, do you have any laundry for me? I'm doing the rounds!' And here she comes!, Emma says to herself, jumping off the couch and quickly scurrying to hide behind the door as she leaves the porn playing.
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